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Best-selling cars and brands in South Africa right now

In South Africa, despite rising petrol prices and other living expenses, certain car brands and models remain popular among those looking to buy new cars in February 2024.


Toyota is the most popular choice, selling 11,109 cars. People like Toyota because it’s reliable and works well.

Volkswagen Group:

Volkswagen sells 5,219 cars. People like Volkswagen because it’s good quality and has new ideas.


Suzuki sells 4,335 cars. People like Suzuki because it’s stylish and doesn’t use too much fuel.


Nissan sells 3,995 cars. People like Nissan because it has many different types of cars for different needs.


Ford sells 2,409 cars. People like Ford because its trucks are strong and its SUVs are versatile.


Hyundai sells 2,436 cars. People like Hyundai because its cars look modern and have good features for the price.


Isuzu sells 2,587 cars. People like Isuzu because its trucks are tough and last a long time.


GWM sells 1,564 cars. People like GWM because it makes affordable cars with good features.


Chery sells 1,531 cars. People like Chery because its cars look nice and have modern technology.


Renault sells 1,301 cars. People like Renault because its cars are small and easy to drive in the city.

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