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Dream Destination Zanzibar

The island belonging to Tanzania has a deep long and rich history. Adding to the cultural wealth is the stunning scenery, which will stay
in your memory for a long time.

The cultural diversity and richness stems from the traders and merchants which used the island as a hub for spice trade in the previous centuries. In the capital city, also called Zanzibar, you will find architectural influences from various time periods and all around the world. Stone Town, a part of the capital, has even become a UNESCO World Heritage site for its stunning mix of architecture. The old narrow streets of Stone Town are best explored on foot.

Being located in the Indian Ocean it is worthwhile to spend as many days as possible on one of the stunning beaches that Zanzibar
has to offer. The most outstanding beach to visit is Nungwi beach, belonging to the town of Nungwi in the northwest of the island.
To this day the small town is the centre of boat building on the island, don’t miss out on a boat tour on one of the traditionally built boats!

If you are a water sport nut Zanzibar has a tempting offer for you: kite or windsurfing at Paje Beach. It is known for being a perfect beginners spot as the water is held calm by a nearby reef and a constant side wind that does not blow you out on the open ocean.

Going away from the beaches Jozani National Park is worth a visit as it is the only national park in Zanzibar that is not in the water.
It consists of a beautiful forest which houses monkeys and birds.

As all vibrant life is taking place in Stone Town you will have the best time there if you want to enjoy Zanzibar night life as well.
Most of the capitals bars and clubs are concentrated there so enjoy a god night out there after watching a beautiful sunset at the beach.


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