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Here are the top 20 most-funded startups in Africa

1. MNT-Halan – $400 million

Egypt’s MNT-Halan was the most funded startup after it raised $400 million in equity and debt financing from local and global investors in January. A large chunk of the equity, about $200 million, was provided by Abu Dhabi–based Chimera Investments.

2. M-KOPA – $250 million

In May, M-KOPA, the asset financing platform that offers underbanked African customers access to “productive assets” and the ability to pay for them via digital micropayments, has secured more than $250 million in new funding.

3. Husk Power – $103 million

In October, Husk Power Systems, a cleantech startup operating in Africa and Asia, successfully raised $103 million in its Series D funding round to drive rural electrification and expand renewable energy services in the two regions.

4. Planet42 – $100 million

The Estonia-founded but South Africa-based startup announced a $100 million raise in February to scale operations across South Africa and Mexico.

5. MOOVE – $84 million

In 2023, MOOVE raised two rounds of funding- initially securing $8,000,000 to expand to Ghana and then $76,000,000 to strengthen its position on the global stage.

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