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Meet the Company Improving Success Rates for African Start-Ups

The Bulb is a Nigerian company aiming to improve the success rates of African start-ups and building a network of tech professionals. By providing a platform for African tech talent, creating employment opportunities, helping start-ups, and moulding young talent to tech experts the company wants to do their contribution for transforming the African continent. They want to give creative minds the tools they need to compete in the fast-evolving tech world. How they achieve their goals will be presented in the following paragraphs.


The Bulb Institute teaches African between 18 and 35 the main skills needed to launch a career in tech. Until trainees get a job the training is free of charge. The NextGen program is designed to hook youths from 7 to 17 on tech via gamified learning experiences.

Their Start-Up Engine aims at finding, supporting, and co-financing start-ups in which they see a future. Therefore, they employ successful founders from the African continent and spread their knowledge with the young creatives. After training and mentoring founders, they invest in high quality technology focused ideas to make them become reality.

They also encourage young talents to just come by and take a lot at their professional work environment for an exchange of ideas and knowledge. Tech Jewel is their non-profit community of about 5oo women in tech which support, inspire and develop themselves in a male driven economy.

In case you own a start-up or are a tech expert looking for a job, The Bulb can help you as well. They match skilled workers with companies upon request and find the best solution for both sides. Fortunately, their pool of skilled workers provides them with enough variety to supply these tailored solutions.

The Bulb also offers inhouse built complete digital solutions. Their portfolio includes software and web development, product and project management, app development, as well as app maintenance and support.

Their main office is in Lagos, the vibrant city at Nigeria’s coast which is known to be a tech and economy hub for West Africa as well as being the biggest city by inhabitants on the African continent. Here they offer flexible workspaces for young talent to get their work done in a professional and open-minded work environment, providing them with everything that a modern office needs.

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