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Meet the Company Solving Supply Chain Inefficiency

In 2018, Kobo360 was established with the objective of tackling the inefficiencies present in Africa’s supply chain. Their platform acts as a vital link connecting manufacturers, cargo owners, and truck operators, enabling the seamless transportation of goods throughout the continent.


At its core, Kobo360 strives to foster economic development and sustainable growth in Africa. They achieve this by optimizing the delivery process of raw materials from ports to manufacturers and ensuring the smooth movement of finished goods from manufacturers to end customers. Logistics make up more than 70% of a products price on the African continent, in Europe it’s less than 10%. Tapping into this huge factor for pricing and being competitive in this area is therefore a clever strategy.

By data analytics and artificial intelligence, Kobo360 effectively eliminates inefficiencies in last-mile delivery. Their focus lies in enhancing transparency, visibility, and communication across the entire supply chain ecosystem. They also optimize pick-up and delivery processes and continually improve routes in real-time. Through predictive analysis, Kobo360 equips businesses with valuable insights, allowing them to make informed decisions that drive productivity and enhance the customer experience.

The basic business model Kobo360 has is very simple and straightforward. They act like a dating platform between truck owners or transport business owners and individuals and companies that need the service.

Kobo360 remains unwavering in their commitment to simplifying logistics and supply chain operations throughout Africa, delivering value to both businesses and transporters. Currently, Kobo360 has a physical presence in seven African countries, namely Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso.

When Covid hit, they had several issues and needed to restructure their company. In the end, this led to a more efficient and better funded business, as they were forced to change and produce an excellent service in order to survive. In 2022, the company was adjudged the best E-Logistics Platform at The Digital Tech Awards.

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