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Naspers Limited: The Holding Powering the Media24 Centre

Naspers Limited, the South African multinational conglomerate, has emerged as a force in Africa’s digital landscape, leading the continent’s technological transformation. Founded in 1915 as a modest newspaper publisher, Naspers has since grown into a global media and technology giant, with its most significant influence felt in its home continent.


Naspers‘ influence in Africa has grown massively due to its visionary investment in Tencent Holdings Limited, a Chinese tech giant. This strategic move not only transformed Naspers‘ fortunes but also allowed the company to invest in and foster Africa’s tech ecosystem. The substantial returns from Tencent have provided Naspers with the financial clout to fund and support local start-ups, creating a ripple effect across the African tech landscape.

One of the most significant contributions of Naspers to Africa is its support for the growth of e-commerce platforms. Recognizing the untapped potential of online retail in Africa, Naspers invested in and acquired various e-commerce businesses across the continent. The most notable of these is „Takealot,“ South Africa’s largest online retailer, which Naspers has backed since its early days.

Moreover, Naspers has shown a keen interest in cultivating the classifieds market in Africa. By acquiring OLX, the world’s largest online classifieds platform, the company has enabled individuals and businesses to buy and sell goods and services online conveniently. This has contributed to the formalization of informal economies in various African countries.

The influence of Naspers in Africa extends to the media and entertainment sector as well. Its involvement in MultiChoice, a leading pay-TV provider in Africa, has significantly shaped the continent’s media consumption habits. By delivering premium content and enabling access to international and local channels, Naspers has played a crucial role in bringing diverse cultures and perspectives into African homes.

In addition to its strategic investments, Naspers has actively nurtured the African tech start-up ecosystem through its venture capital arm, Naspers Foundry. By providing funding, mentorship, and expertise to promising local entrepreneurs, Naspers has facilitated the growth of innovative startups across diverse sectors, from fintech and healthtech to agriculture and education.

Naspers continues to be a driving force in Africa’s digital revolution. By leveraging its resources, expertise, and deep understanding of the local market, the company remains committed to empowering African entrepreneurs and creating lasting positive impacts across the continent.

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