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Nigerian Female Entrepreneur Could Revolutionise Preventive Healthcare

In emerging markets regular health check-ups aren’t as standardized as in industrialized nations. This is due to lacking infrastructure and doctors moving to higher paying countries which often creates a shocking doctor-to-patient ratio. Healthtracka, a Nigerian company, led by Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson, saw potential in the underdeveloped health sector and created an online solution.

When her father passed away, she realized that the testing infrastructure was lacking as waiting times are long and doctor consultations take a lot of time. Having worked in a lab before, Dare-Johnson knows how important diagnostics are for detecting and treating diseases.


To tackle the problem and improve preventive care the start-up has partnered up with lab centres that send testing kits to customers which are ordered on the Healthtracka website. If a test shows significant results, Healthtracka connects the customers with specialists for a fee. They offer a wide variety of tests and bundles at different price points to satisfy the wide array of customer demand.

In its initial search for funding the company received 1.5 million Euros, which is remarkable as female led companies in Nigeria fight a hard battle to get funding in the first place.

Since launch in 2021 the company has been growing steadily in the B2C sector and plans on selling their business model to hospitals and healthcare providers. By restructuring the health infrastructure in emerging markets, the company could potentially improve the medical situation for millions.

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