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Nollywood Stars and Their Productions You Should Know About

The Nigerian film and movie industry is the second biggest measured by output in the world, the only country releasing more movies is India. Nollywood movies mostly come from Lagos or the region around it. Remarkably, the movie industry has only started growing since the 1990’s and lived through several phases before being turned into what it is today.

Movies produced in Nollywood have an average budget of $250.000 today and a potential audience of 20 million viewers straight away. The low budgets can be achieved as the industry has found clever cost cutting techniques like producing the sequel at the same time as the first part. This has inspired African film production in general. Outside of Nigeria the movies are especially popular on the African continent and have found their way onto Netflix as well, especially since the Made in Africa category was launched on the platform.

Nollywood has also cooperated with other industries like Ghallywood, the Ghanaian movie industry, to combine the fame of stars and create new ones. Star cult is what matters most in Nollywood to make the highest profit, producers try to print as many of them on the cover for their film as possible. We will now present you the leading women in Nollywood and which of their productions you should give a go.



Genevova Umeh, Ini Dima-Okojie and Nancy Isimie played a major role in the series Blood Sisters which launched on Netflix in 2022, showing once more the importance and role Nollywood and its actors have in the African movie production scene.

Genevova Umeh landed another hit with the Movie Far From Home later in 2022. Ini Dima-Okojie has been in the business for a while and showed her talent in productions like Smart Money Woman and Flawsome. Nancy Isime has been known in Nigeria before as well through her job as a TV host.

Bimbo Ademoye has been on screen for many productions before and one sparkled controversy as she acted out the role as Queen Arolake in Anikulapo. Nevertheless, she is a famous and talented young woman also entertaining her fans with her online comedy skit Iya Bakaret.

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