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Things you Must do in Mozambique’s Capital.

Maputo is located very far south at the coast of Mozambique. The country is a member of the Commonwealth, and newly founds oil fields along the coast of Mozambique might give the country’s economy a push in the future. Mozambique hosts many different cultures; the majority are from the Bantu. Besides beautiful beaches, the capital has many things more on offer that you should not miss out on.


A good starting point is the railway station of Maputo. Built between 1908 and 1916 it is considered to be one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world by several international committees. It is one of the best-preserved buildings in Mozambique and still in use today. Besides that, the buildings host a railway museum as well as cultural and musical events.

The Iron House is a comical tourist attraction showing how ridiculous colonizers were back in the day. It was built for the governor in 1892, but due to its construction, which is entirely made of iron, it is way too hot for the climate in Maputo.

The cathedral in Maputo is also worth a visit while you are there. It is a very modern yet striking building that convinces with simplicity and its symmetrical shape.

Even if you are not into art, you will enjoy Feima. Feima is a fair for gastronomy, art, and flowers where artists display and sell their products. Integrated in the fair is a restaurant serving traditional food. Plan to spend a couple of hours there as strolling around and shopping takes a lot of time due to the diversity of the products available.

There are numerous factors that make a visit to the Natural History Museum of Maputo worthwhile. Firstly, its architectural style in Neo-Manueline, originating from 1911. Additionally, the museum boasts an extraordinary assortment of preserved African animals, featuring the world’s exclusive collection of elephant fetuses. Lastly, the museum gardens offer an opportunity to appreciate two exquisite murals created by the renowned Mozambican artist Malangatana.

Try to take every opportunity of tasting the cuisine of Mozambique. Maputo offers a wide variety of the best Mozambique has to offer, local beer included.

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