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What will New York, Milan, Paris, and Addis have in common?

The fashion industry has been growing in the capital of Ethiopia in the last 15 years. A testament to this development is the HAFW, the Hub of Africa Fashion Week. Follow the article to learn more about the impact of HAFW and the role Addis has in African fashion.


Since 2010 HAFW has been working on showcasing African culture, heritage, and beauty through the creative and fashion industry.
In that time the worldwide recognition of the whole continent in terms of design, sourcing materials, and manufacturing has changed
for the better. This is also due to events like the HAFW which have international recognition and a big reach.

Not only does the Hub of Africa Fashion Week benefit public relations, but it also serves as a platform for the African industry, facilitating connections between various stakeholders, fostering designer collaboration, and enabling international brand exposure. This strengthens the relations between companies and countries on an African level.

HAFW’s organizers think that Addis could play a crucial role in developing the industry and they want to influence the process so
that a sustainable and fair industry emerges from Addis and the whole of Ethiopia. The board of advisors consists therefore of an expert for fashion and an expert for urban policy in relation to housing, neighbourhood change, and economic development. By pushing the Ethiopian fashion industry they hope to help with the creation of many jobs, securing families incomes throughout the country.

Thinking about the future already, they launched a mentorship program for emerging designers. Ten graduates of fashion schools, talents, or emerging designers were selected and connected with their respective mentor to work on a collection. These were then presented at one of the fashion shows hosted by HAFW, introducing the young talents and their work to the world.

Furthermore, HAFW connected with Fashion Africa 254 to provide a six-month workshop teaching the newcomers about ethical, equitable, inclusive, and environmentally friendly fashion. This ensures that the future of African fashion is beneficial for everyone.

The vision of HAFW encompasses Addis as the fashion hub of the African continent. By uniting designers, fabric producers, and clothing factories in one place and with great PR this vision is on a good path to becoming reality.

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