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African Folktales Reimagined

In trying to give local African producers a worldwide stage and enabling underfinanced and overlooked voices to speak up Netflix and UNESCO launched a competition named ‘African Folktales Reimagined’ in 2021.

The six winners, which received US$ 100.000 each to finance their local production companies have been announced in 2022. They are from Mauritania, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda, representing nations from all over Africa. Their task was to reimagine local to them folktales which were released as a mini-series with six episodes.

Katope is a fantasy drama narrating the story of a child with magical origins embarking on a risky journey to end the drought that is endangering her community.

The resilience and strength of a community in crisis and the power of love, sacrifice, and magic are shown though Katope’s eyes.

The matizing droughts the movie is also foreshadowing to societies which in the future will have to be ever so much stronger to resist the consequences of climate change.


After being launched early 2023 the series has received positive feedback by its audience and critics. Other topics include grief, love and mysticism. Go and have a look for yourself on Netflix now!

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