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Creating more diversity and above all empowerment!

In 2019, Gratitude Verlag was founded by Ghanaian-born actress, speaker and author Dayan Kodua. Her mission: to teach diversity and empowerment through stories. In addition, Gratitude Verlag gives BPoC newcomer authors and illustrators the opportunity to gain more visibility.

Founder & CEO of Gratitude Verlag: Dayan Kodua

Source: Archive

Currently, the German Black-Owned Gratitude Verlag is opening an exhibition of 22 biographies of successful Black Germans to coincide with its book „My Black Skin“. The exhibition is intended to give courage and confidence to achieve their professional and personal goals with the stories of other people.

In an artful way & manner, the photographs celebrate the successes of those pictured and the texts reinforce how these people seized opportunities and possibilities or even created these opportunities themselves.

This exhibition is a must-see for anyone who enjoys being inspired by people to grow both personally and professionally.It can be visited at the Altonaer Museum in Hamburg, Germany from February 8 – March 27, 2023.

Representation matters

Source: Gratitude Verlag

Book Cover: My Black Skin – A Journey Through Life

Source: Gratitude Verlag

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