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5 Trendy Hairstyles you should try in 2023

You need more variety when it comes to hairstyles? Then this article is just right. We present you the top 5 hairstyles that you should definitely try in 2023 and are totally on trend.

  1. Cornrow Braids with back details
    This style is not only an eye-catcher from the front, but also especially from the back. With this style geometric patterns can be woven in a very creative way. To give the look an extra statement, beads can be added to the hairstyle.

Source: Pinterest

2. Snaky Tribal Cornrows with Big Hair

This hairstyle forms a halo of natural afro texture with tribal cornrows

Source: Pinterest

3. Curly Top Knot Bun

This style is a must for Fans who love to wear high buns. It’s an easy protective style which can be done with your own hair or with the aid of extensions if you have short hair or would just like to add more volume than you already have.

4. Box Braids Updo with loose curls

This high bun that can be worn down as well has some curls and braids falling loose.  The loose curls softens the bold style

Source: Pinterest

5. Boho Gypsy Braids

This style is a whole fashion statement and very popular, especially in summer time. But wear it whenever you feel like it.

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