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Europe’s largest festival for African music and culture

More than 2.6 million enthusiastic visitors could welcome the largest and oldest festival for African music and culture since 1989 in Europe.

This year the 34th international Africa Festival will take place from May 26th – May 29th 2023 in Würzburg.

These days will immerse you in the different cultures of the continent of Africa.

You can expect spectacular live performances from different artists – so you will get a lot of music with different music genres. Artists like Junaita Euka will be there, who released her debut album „Mn’banzo“, on which she celebrates her roots and therefore the „Congolese Rumba“ or several DJs like the already legendary DJ Hi John from Jamaica. He has been an integral part of the Africa Festival for many years and will create a great atmosphere with a mix of the beginnings of reggae such as ska, rocksteady and roots from the Caribbean Island. In addition, there will be a supporting program on the different days, which are suitable for both children and adults. For example, the supporting program includes a fashion show by the fashion designer Rama Diaw from Senegal. Also, informative programs may not be missing here, which make attentive on important social topics.

Information about the program on the respective days and more about the festival in Würzburg can be found here:

Europe's largest festival fror African Music - Teaser 2023

Source: YouTube

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