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Five Things you Should not Miss When Visiting Namibia

There are several places and activities that should not be left out when staying in Namibia. The country has natural beauty and offers tourists sights they will never forget.

Namibia is located in the south of the African continent and borders with Angola, Botswana, Zambia, and South Africa. The capital is Windhoek and although the country relatively large it is the second least populated country on earth after Mongolia, because of the Namib dessert. In 1990 Namibia gained independence from South Africa after being a colony of Germany. Today the countries big industries are agriculture, mining, and tourism, which is what we are here for.

The capital is also the economic and political centre of the country, fittingly situated in the middle of Namibia. From April to September the climate is the most enjoyable as the summer months can be quite hot with medium temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. As Windhoek has been the political and economic centre of Namibia for quite a while the city offers political landmarks any many museums like the National Museum of Namibia. A trip on foot through the inner city should start at Christuskirche, whose tower can be climbed during opening hours, offering a nice view on Windhoek.



Sandwich Harbour
Formerly known as a harbour and then the bay itself, the name is now only used for the lagoon that is being created by silting. Nevertheless, it is a spectacularly beautiful site to visit by boat or car. In any case, it is advisory to book a guided tour to get there as 4×4 vehicles are necessary and the going might get tough. Tours usually start from Walvis Bay and only during daylight.

Big Daddy dune
A highlight of the Namib Sans Sea is the Big Daddy Dune, one of the biggest sand dunes in the world. The Namib Sand Sea itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its landscape as well as flora and fauna. Big Daddy’s height varies from 325 to 380 meters. When climbing the dune, it is imperative to stay on the edge to not sink in.



Cheetah Conservation Fund
The fund is located close to the city of Ojiwarongo and takes visitors all year round. Their mission is to save whole ecosystems that cheetahs rely on. For that, they take other animal populations and the humans into account that are influenced by their work. An example to ensure that the goals of farmers, as well as animal rights activists are met is their livestock guarding dogs program which reduces the theft of livestock by wild animals and the shooting of wild animals.

There are many projects for which you can support them financially but the nicest way to contribute is by visiting the base in Namibia yourself and stay at their luxurious lodges while learning about and experiencing their work first hand.

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