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Upcoming Artists from the African Continent you Should not Miss

The mainstream music in Europe and the USA has been dominated since forever by American and British artists. Now however there are a lot of artists from the African continent that manage to find an audience in the western markets, we will present you four of them today.

Music has been a part of human life since the Neanderthals wandered around this planet some thousands of years ago. Since then, instruments and variety of music have come a long way, music has gained importance in everyday life and is consumed in various ways. What hasn’t changed is the meaning of music, it is still a means of religion expression, worship, artistic expression, and community celebration.

When artists break their bubble they export their culture, language, worldviews, and artistic uniqueness into a new market or to a new audience. The cultural differences across the world are huge and it is extremely remarkable that music from cultural background A works in cultural setting B, the following artists have managed such a breakthrough and are all upcoming musicians that you should keep an eye out for. 

Tonade Oladapo Adetunji mixes English, Yoruba and Pidgin English creating Afro-fusion music. He is often known as just Oladapo and, like the others on this short list, is very young at the age of 23.

His career started out with freestyle videos and was lifted when his track “Mango” was shortlisted by Empawa Africa. To give his music a local marker he uses his mother tongue, Yoruba, and Nigerian Pidgin. He wants his audience to feel connected to him through his music. You can find his music on all the usual platforms.



Maandy is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Darogeti, Nairobi, a neighbourhood famous for being the origin of Kenya’s biggest rappers. She did not start out as a rapper, after high school she began as a DJ, while eventually performing freestyles on smaller events. Already having a fanbase she participated in the #yesbanafreestyle challenge which landed her a collaboration with Breeder LW, Ex-ray, Boutross and Dyana Cods.

She dropped her first album in 2021 and is expected to rise to the top soon. You can find her music on all the usual platforms.

Princess Natasha Chansa was born only in the year 2000 but has a promising career ahead already. Her title comes from her father who is His Royal Highness Chief Kaputa of Kaputa. She is very passionate about her music and uses a sharp mix of English and her Native language. Her first album “The Genisis” was a major hit in Zambia, and she has released many popular singles since then. You can find her music on all the usual platforms.



Finally, we want to present Jay Bahd, a drill rapper from Ghana. He was raised in the ghetto of Kumasi, the place now leading the Ghanaian drill movement, also giving it the name Kumasi Drill. Rapping used to be a form of entertainment for him and his friends, it only became serious when he became a member of the “Asakaa Boys” based in Kumasi.

Jay Bahds biggest influence is the song “Dior” from late rapper Pop Smoke. You can find his songs on all the usual platforms.

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