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Looking for a more sustainable alternative in Benin

Who would have thought that something could be made from such raw materials?

Raw materials such as corn husks, cassava shells, coconut shells and other organic waste are used by Roland Adjovi to make charcoal.

Hoping to contribute to slowing the destruction of trees in Benin, he was inspired by these unconventional raw materials in 2017.

The second most important source of cooking fuel in Benin, is increasing. The World Bank proves this with data that 3.3 million tons of wood were processed into charcoal in Benin in 2017 and 2.5 million tons in 2010.

Adjovi, with his small company Eco, is now using other raw materials such as rice husks, banana and pineapple peels to make sustainable charcoal. A report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization informs us that more than 60% of the world’s charcoal is produced in Africa, where it is mainly extracted from forests and woodlands. The consequence: the advancement of forest destruction.

Unfortunately, far too little of it is produced sustainably. That’s why Adjovi is important to be among those who want to change that.

Benin entrepreneur converts plant waste into charcoal

Source: Archiv

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