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Bring a touch of Morocco to your home…

The traditional Moroccan Atay is a peppermint tea, which is often served on different occasions. Whether when visiting to express his hospitality or on special occasions at a wedding. Atay unites people and is always enjoyed.

It is interesting that Atay has different variants to enjoy it. Because in summer time it is common to prepare it with peppermint and in winter time this tea is usually served with the plant Sheba also known as wormwood herb. This gives the tea a slightly bitter aftertaste.

The tea can be prepared very simply by boiling water with sugar, green tea & mint in a pot. In Morocco, the tea is boiled in an oriental pot, which is usually confused with the famous magic lamp that fulfills your every wish. However, we are convinced that the tea fulfills one particular wish and that is to enjoy the warm tea from which you are enchanted by the unique taste.

Fun Fact: In order for the tea to cool faster and not end up hot in the glass, you go a little high when pouring so that the tea can touch the wind.

Source: Pinterest 

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