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Chefchaouen, the blue soaked city in Morocco

Chefchaouen is located in Morocco in the Rif Mountains north of the country and is known for its blue architecture. The residents of this city have their own superstitions, as they believe that the blue color is supposed to protect them from evil eyes.

But this beautiful, blue city has more to offer besides its extraordinary architectural color, which makes the soul dangle. If you want to find a quieter place after a very stressful trip in Morocco, go to Chefchaouen and enjoy the tranquility it offers. Visit the restaurants that expand your tastes and enjoy the day with a cup of Atay in hand while watching the playful cats of the streets.

Source: Pinterest

If you need a little more action after this rest cure, you can explore the 17th century holy city more closely. Let an experienced tour guide lead you or visit the Kasbah fortress. It is a fortress built in the Andalusian style with a beautiful garden to match the blue city. Inside you’ll find a folklore museum that impressively retells Chefchaouen’s history through costumes, ceramics or weapons and tools.

Good to know: the name Chefchaouen goes back to the meaning „the horns“. This refers to the two Rif Mountain peaks that are visible from this city and resemble natural horns.

Source: Pinterest

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